Rsl eth

rsl eth

Стандартные фитинги это DKR, RSL, RSS, DKL, DKM, DKS, DKJ, BDN. Также доступны: фитинги с наружной дюймовой и метрической резьбой,. - фланцы фиксированные и. Ankh Token (RSL) ERC20 Token in Ethereum Mainnet. Token is implemented as ERC20 smart contract with address 0x3ff4ac4df55ba5c24fd24b1b51aa 2мм испыт. гнездо, отношение V на выходе к RSL: от 0 до 2V к от до - Счётчики Ethernet на каждый порт, расширенная статистика Eth для.

Rsl eth

Какие авиакомпании осуществляют прямые рейсы в Эйлат из Расселл У каких авиакомпаний самые дешевенькие билеты из Расселл в Эйлат Сколько продолжается перелет из Расселл в Эйлат Из каких аэропортов можно добраться в Эйлат из Расселл? На каком расстоянии Расселл от Эйлата? От городка Расселл до Эйлата км. Из каких аэропортов осуществляются перелеты по маршруту Расселл - Эйлат? В городке Расселл: Расселл. В Эйлат - Элат, Овда, Рамон. Стоимость билетов по месяцам на год Расселл — Эйлат Цены на авиабилеты, отысканные юзерами за крайние 48 часов, не являются офертой.

Месяц В одну сторону Туда и обратно Декабрь Рассылка Фаворитные предложения для путешествий. Введите корректный электронный адресок. Этот e-mail уже есть в нашей базе. К огорчению, подписка не была оформлена. Пожалуйста, введите корректный email.

Практически готово! Мой билет. Вход в «Мой билет». Зарегистрироваться либо Авторизоваться. Регистрация через Facebook. Google plus Авторизоваться либо Зарегистрироваться. Войти через Facebook. Войти через Gmail. Вход по email. Вход по SMS. Уяснить меня. Запамятовали пароль? На указанный вами номер будет отправлено SMS-сообщение с кодом доказательства Номер телефона. Код доказательства. Запросить код повторно. Опосля публикации по поводу бета-релиза Flex3 мне не один человек задал вопрос: «Что за RSL такие, и с чем их едат?

RSL — это автономной файл, который клиент закачивает раздельно от SWF файла приложения, и кэшируется на клиентском компе для многократного использования с несколькими SWF приложениями. Внедрение RSL понижает конечный размер файла для приложений. Это тем выгоднее, чем больше приложений употребляет RSL. Ежели у вас есть лишь одно приложение, составляющие которого вынесены в RSL, то совокупный размер будет не ниже, а, может быть, выше. Кстати, RSL-ки в реальный момент являются кросс-доменными.

Это значит, что ежели приложение употребляет подписанные RSL, то эти библиотеки, может быть, даже не будут загружаться, ежели они находятся в кэше Flash Player-а. А туда они попадают опосля однократного посещения хоть какого веб-сайта, использующего эти подписанные библиотеки RSL.

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A return to normal occupancy in ETH Zurich offices and laboratories, as long as the 1. To encourage collaboration within and between teams, the Executive Board expects all employees to work on site at least days per week in their office, laboratory or workshop. This will allow all members of the ETH community to take part in classroom teaching. Press Enter to activate screen reader mode. Thermal Mapping Gorner Glacier. ASL releases maplab Main content.

Our research projects Research. Student projects Available student projects. Face masks now compulsory indoors on all ETH premises Hosts Nubert Julian , Waibel Gabriel. This master thesis is about implementing a music-to-dance trajectory generator for a ball-balancing manipulator.

It involves selecting a set of motion libraries which are feasible for the robot, interpolate them, and implement a probabilistic model to link the motions to dance moves. Applications limited to ETH Zurich. The aim of the project is to develop a pipeline for detecting a door handle, grasping it and opening a door using a legged robot with an arm.

Published since , Earliest start The goal of this thesis is to transfer model-based locomotion style to learned control policies to improve their appearance and possibly efficiency. Inspection and maintenance work in the Gotthard Base Tunnel by humans is costly and requires closing the tunnel for trains. We have developed an inspection robot to perform simple maintenance tasks autonomously and facilitate teleoperation for non-standard situations.

The goal of this thesis is to develop a user interface that allows a non-roboticist to conduct a maintenance mission. Semester Project , Bachelor Thesis. In this project, we aim to apply this technique for locomotion task. We want to enhance the existing manipulation capabilities of ANYmal with arm. We are currently developing a shared autonomy framework, allowing the robot to perform various autonomous manipulation and cooperation tasks, while allowing an operator to intervene in case something unexpected happens.

Path planning for ground robots in unknown environments remains a challenging task. For most search and rescue missions aerial images can be quickly captured using UAVs but ground robots have the capability to transport heavier payloads and traverse terrain. Estimating terrain properties is essential for safe locomotion over challenging terrain. Heightmaps are extremely useful for navigation and manipulation in robotics. When generating these maps, we can integrate sensor measurements from depth cameras and lidars.

We have developed sophisticated tools to map the environment namely using VoxBlox for 3D volumetric mapping and elevations maps for 2. The 2. A lot of manual tricks are intro Show details add remove. Make Reinforcement Learning based locomotion safer. This project is to realize a uncertainty aware perceptive locomotion control for ANYmal using reinforcement learning. We want to extend the capability of the locomotion controller and make it go everywhere it is physically possible. This thesis aims to add the capability of going into confined spaces to the robot ANYmal.

Hosts Miki Takahiro , Ma Yuntao. We want to enhance the existing capabilities of ANYmal with arm, allowing it to safely cooperate with humans. We want to enable the robot to interact with humans in various physical collaboration, e. Traditional legged robots are capable of traversing challenging terrain but lack energy efficiency and speed when compared to wheeled systems.

We exploit a magnetically responsive strain of therapeutic bacteria to enhance the transport of drugs into tumors. We now aim to engineer a scalable magnetic setup for 3D spatiotemporal control of these magnetic microrobots in vivo. This projects aims to implement a secure commanding management system for teleoperated and autonomous heavy machines. Hosts Jud Dominic , Cizmeci Burak. The goal is to allow robots to sense and perceive their environment using force sensitive devices enabling them to operate in very constrained environments where contact is inevitable.

This novel way of perception is 4 dimensional as the elasticity of the 3D environment can also be sensed. Robot, contact, based, perception, ROS, robotics, assistive, surgery, force, torque, sensors, path, planning, medical, robotics, rehabilitation. Hosts Wermelinger Martin. We are interested in robotic manipulation of objects that are loosely attached to the environment.

This project aims to develop novel path planning and control algorithms that allow robots to perform assembly tasks with tethered objects based on force feedback. Robot, contact, based, perception, ROS, robotics, assistive, surgery, force, torque, sensors, path, planning, medical, robotics, rehabilitation, tethered, object, recognition, manipulation. We are developing a visual navigation system for ANYmal in the wild. Based on RGBD information, the robot has to be able to tell "walkable" terrains and navigate through the forest.

We are interested in self-supervised approaches to reduce labeling effort and to accommodate various existing dataset Show details add remove. In this project, a student will explore RL-based control approaches for legged robots to enable our quadrupedal robot ANYmal to get up from the rough terrain with obstacles. Hosts Lee Joonho , Miki Takahiro. Develop novel algorithms to allow builders to view CAD models precisely overlaid with a building while it is being built.

The goal of this project is to investigate how depth measurements, e. The student should develop and compare multiple methods on our platform. Hosts Schwarz Julian , Furrer Fadri. The goal of this projects is to add point features to object models online and in real-time. The idea is to incorporate state-of-the-art simultaneous localisation and mapping SLAM techniques in our Object-Based tracking system. Hosts Furrer Fadri , Schwarz Julian.

In our group, we investigate novel functionalities towards improving the state-of-the-art of algorithmic solutions on AR devices. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: object detection, scene segmentation, robust tracking, accurate pose estimation, dynamic scenes, SLAM, multimodal perce Show details add remove.

Semester Project , Internship , Master Thesis. Current solutions for aerial physical interaction still lack the required precision and robustness required in real applications. This project goes beyond state-of-the art control methods with the use of integrated force sensing at the rotors. This project implements safety functions of a teleoperation session over mobile networks. In case of network interrupts or urgent cases, an intelligent safety mechanism has to decide the reactions towards the safety case at the remote robot side.

The goal of this project is to develop a control module that prevents the shovel from getting stuck in the soil when trying to follow a pre-computed digging trajectory. This project aims at improving the existing augmented reality for teleoperation. Currently, AR is only used to display additional information to the operator. However, we also want to visualize control inputs from the operator such that teleoperation of heavy machines becomes a game-like experience.

Robotic systems that are currently being used for industrial inspection can observe the state of their environment and report anomalies. A maintenance worker has to come to fix the problem. We want to enable our robots to fix the problem autonomously to reduce the number of human maintenance missions Show details add remove.

During walking on legged robots harsh vibration occur which can influence the measurement of sensors mounted on top of the robot. Hosts Tischhauser Fabian. The goal of this project is the formulation and implementation of a reduced-coordinate dynamics simulator for legged robots with kinematic loops, targeting low-level control applications. We would like to suggest every student, irrespective of the type of project Bachelor, Semester, Master, We have a large number of industry partners who search for excellent students to conduct their student theses at the company in joint supervision with ETH.

Objective : Hardware in the loop HIL based simulation is an innovative testing method that is currently investigated intensively in both research and industry alike. Goal: realize the proof of concept of HIL, i. Objective: in order to increase the autonomy of inspection robots, untethered data transmission is a key requirement. This thesis investigates the possible solutions to transmit data over long distances inside a steel pipeline at a high data throughput.

Goal: feasibility assessment of potential solutions, concept selection and prototype design and build-up. Objective: as part of model-based development, ROSEN aims at simulating and studying propulsion concepts for mobile inspection robots virtually.

Goal: establish a library of robot components in a multibody simulation framework to study various propulsion approaches. Objective: How to move through a pipeline most effectively? This question is at the core of this thesis. Using genetic algorithms, the most promising solution is generated and tested. Goal: Review of state of the art in robotic pipeline locomotion.

This project aims at extending a dynamic simulation and locomotion controllers for a robotized wheelchair able to handle difficult terrains including stairs. This project will prepare the prototype phase coming next. Press Enter to activate screen reader mode. Student Projects Main content.

Studies on Mechatronics We offer students also to conduct their Studies on Mechatronics at our lab. Search for keyword:. Iterative Assistance as Needed for Arm Rehabilitation Exoskeleton robots are used to provide neural rehabilitation therapy to patients.

Simonetti, L. Zollo, E. Papaleo, G. Carpino, and E. Zimmermann, A. Forino, R. Riener, and M. Langhorne, J. Bernhardt, and G. You are going to design and tune an iAaN controller. Experiments in simulation and on our exoskeleton ANYexo show that your tuned system is asymptotically stable for different sets of assistance methods and patient movements. If you are interested in the project, do not hesitate to contact me. In sports, robots are seldomly found outside of motion science.

Therefore, we want to develop a software framework for various robots that provides individual fitness training using physical human-robot interaction. Thereby, we hope to gain valuable insights in physical human-robot interaction that might transfer to other fields, e. Based on the existing hard- and software of ANYexo, an upper-limb exoskeleton for neurorehabilitation, and the individual skill coaching framework for robots SIESTA, we want to apply these tools for robot driven arm fitness training.

The design of novel controllers for personalized training strategies based on haptic interaction with the user should give novel insights into human-robot interaction. Michael Sommerhalder, somichae ethz. In sports, robots are seldom found outside of motion science. This project aims to explore the field of individualized robotic training devices in both industry and research. You will conduct an extensive literature review on already developed solutions SoM and come up with your own ideas and concepts for a novel robotic hardware Bachelor Thesis.

Selection of suitable actuation, sensors and hardware design is part of your work. Assistance Compensation in Arm Rehabilitation Exoskeleton robots are used to provide neural rehabilitation therapy to patients. You are going to derive a mathematical model that describes the disturbances coming from assistance and joint configuration.

You will apply this model to the implemented metrics in a second step. Experiments in simulation and on our exoskeleton ANYexo validate your work and show that the scores are robust to these disturbances. For this, you will develop different fitness controllers in concept and then implement these algorithms on ANYmal. These controllers will build upon state of the art gait controllers on anymal and the newly developed framework SIESTA for individualized robot assisted coaching.

Finally, you will evaluate your controller in hardware experiments. Yves Zimmermann, yvesz ethz. Direct Scene Understanding from 3D Point Clouds In order to overcome the limitations of camera-based segmentation, this project aims to explore learning-based panoptic segmentation of a scene using point cloud or map data obtained from a LiDAR sensor on HEAP.

Unfortunately, the output of visual sensors such as cameras operating within the visible light spectrum undergo strong changes with respect to changes in the environment such as changing lighting conditions, rain, fog, etc. The use of point clouds for 3D scene understanding could allow excavators to operate more independently from lighting and weather conditions.

The big improvement in the richness of data returned by modern LiDAR sensors allows for the generation of image-like representations [1]. This together with advances in suitable network architectures to process 3D point clouds [2] and the presence of large scale datasets [3] can allow us to develop a system specifically tailored to 3D scene understanding from LiDAR data.

To generalize to construction environments and to be able to handle specific classes, supervision from our previously used vision-based networks can be utilized. Depending on the scope of the project, after evaluating the predictions from the raw point cloud a model that integrates early in the processing pipeline both LiDAR and RGB could be investigated.

The hope is that this use of multi-modal data increases robustness of the semantic segmentation model by making use of the complementary strengths of the sensors. RL Chassis Balancing on HEAP The goal of this project is to learn a control policy using reinforcement learning RL that adjusts the height and the orientation of the cabin of a 12t walking excavator. Keywords reinforcement learning, deep learning, control, excavation, hydraulic, construction robotics Labels Semester Project Description To facilitate the operation of walking excavators a chassis balancing controller has been developed that optimizes the wheel contact force distribution given high-level inputs such as cabin height and orientation.

However, this controller requires expensive high-performance hydraulic valves which hinders the applicability to off-the-shelf excavators. The aim of this project is to leverage RL to deal with the standard, less performant, hydraulic valves. Therefore, the goal is to artificially degrade the performance of the installed valves by introducing delays and dead-zones to converge towards the behavior of standard valves. Self-Supervision for Improved Scene Understanding The goal of this project is to reduce the amount of hand-labeling involved in the training process of a scene segmentation pipeline by exploring self-supervised learning techniques for network training and improvement.

The goal of this project is to investigate self-supervised-learning pretraining and fine-tuning to improve the quality, data-efficiency and generalizability of image segmentation in construction environments. Recent advances in vision transformers make them suited for this task [1]. Self supervision techniques that will be investigated include patch masking, contrastive learning and enforced unsupervised temporal consistency by making use of depth sensors, such as LiDARs, and odometry information [2, 3].

LiDARs have become increasingly popular for their use as a sensor of choice for motion estimation and mapping in robots. However, the sparse nature of LiDAR point clouds, the narrow field of view of LiDARs, and the obstruction by the robot body limit the reliability and performance of the localization and mapping approaches.

The output of the thesis will be utilized for hardware deployments conducted using both ANYmal and large outdoor construction robots, such as HEAP. References: [1] Yokozuka, Masashi, et al. Excavator RL Arm Control The goal of this project is to develop a trajectory tracking controller for the shovel of a 12 ton walking excavator using a data-driven actuator model and reinforcement learning. To see the project description you need to log in at SiROP.

Please follow these instructions: - Click link "Open this project Imitation Learning for Digging from Demonstrations We want to develop a digging controller using imitation learning from human demonstrations using our ton walking excavator. Graduated Neural Networks Graduated optimization is a global optimization technique used to solve highly non-linear and non-smooth optimization problems.

Learning grasping reflexes with imperfect depth sensors Manipulators potentially extend the functionality of legged robots. Keywords Grasping; reinforcement learning. Labels Master Thesis Description Deploying the manipulators on the legged platforms demands robustness to dynamics disturbances and sensor limitations: due to the stepping gaits of the legs, tracking the end-effector with high accuracy is difficult; the robot may not fully observe the target object when the gripper moves close due to the limited field-of-view.

Previous work in locomotion has demonstrated that reinforcement learning can produce proprioceptive reflexes [1] and internal belief of the environment states [2]. This project aims to explore deploying such methods to grasp known objects under dynamics noise and limited perception. The result will be validated on the Dynaarm in the lab.

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Cat-like Jumping and Landing of Legged Robots in Low-gravity rsl eth


To do so, you need to upload a thesis description. Your supervisor should provide you with a project description template. In this document, outline in your words the goal of the thesis and send it to your supervisor for approval. Please provide your supervisor a work schedule within two weeks after the start of the project. You will agree with your supervisor on a weekly meeting. The meeting is meant to answer your questions and to check your progress. This gives you access to download full PDF files from many publishers.

For the organization of your references, we recommend to use Mendeley , a free and cross-platform reference management software. As a handy feature, Mendeley can automatically build your BibTeX files. Make sure to follow these instructions to access additional features. Presentations are scheduled in this calendar. An informal intermediate presentation about your work will take place around mid-term. The goal of the presentation is to give a brief summary of the work done, to propose a plan for the continuation of the project, and to discuss about the main directions of the project.

This will allow all interested people to join. Furthermore, the student should separately send a copy of their presentation to the committee member s at least 24 hours before the time of the presentation. The final presentation will take place at the end of the project. A test run is presented to and discussed with the supervisors 2—5 days before the public final presentation. Please arrange exact dates and times for the intermediate and final presentations with your supervisors and the lab administration.

Further information on the ETH Zurich templates is given here. A report has to be handed in to the responsible supervisor. The report has to describe the full work performed during the entire project. A preliminary version has to be handed in per e-mail or printed one week after the final presentation or as determined with the supervisor.

The preliminary version of the report is discussed with the supervisor. The report is evaluated based on the preliminary version with the requirement that the remarks are incorporated in the final report. A return to normal occupancy in ETH Zurich offices and laboratories, as long as the 1. To encourage collaboration within and between teams, the Executive Board expects all employees to work on site at least days per week in their office, laboratory or workshop.

This will allow all members of the ETH community to take part in classroom teaching. Press Enter to activate screen reader mode. Thermal Mapping Gorner Glacier. ASL releases maplab Main content. Our research projects Research. Student projects Available student projects. Face masks now compulsory indoors on all ETH premises

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Towards Robotic Harvesting: Mapping, Localization, Planning and Control for a Legged Tree Harvester

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